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Hello SEO friends, how are you? Today I am here with the Best SEO Tools that will show you the best result in your SEO campaigns.

As you are reading this post, then you are surely a SEO worker to learn something more about the best SEO tools. Ok, let’s start.

I used numerous SEO tools for my campaign. The number is so large that I can’t tell you name of those tools. But from them some are so good that I can’t live my SEO life without them.

I am here to share you those tools and giving some hints about them. These tools are analytical, link prospecting and performance measurement related tools.

Why are we waiting for them, shall we start?

15 Best SEO Tools

The 15 best SEO tools try them for your SEO campaigns

(Note: These tools are not affiliation related, these are just simply SEO tools)


My most favorite SEO analytical tool is Majestic. I’m using this tool from last year to till now. Its accuracy stats are unbeatable. I know that some people will argue with me. But you just use this tool for a week than take your own decision which one is better.


Aherfs is likely to Majestic. For some peoples it’s better than Majestic. For finding fresh links Aherfs is the best link analyzer. As far I knew no tool is too much faster than Aherfs to find new links. It work so quickly that is really impressive.

Open Site Explorer:

Open site explorer is also great SEO analytical tool as like as Majestic and Aherfs. These three tools are known as big three link analysis tools. Open site explorer is a MOZ product having smaller index than Majestic and Aherfs. Its UI is easy to work and best for link prospecting work.


MozBar is one of the best SEO Tools to me as it has awesome function to find Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), Facebook and Google+ data to cerate powerful backlinks.

MozBar also show you On-Page elements like: Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, use of Heading tag (H1-H6), text with bold, italic and Img Atl Tag. Beside those option you will able to see the web’s Dofollow – Nofollow links, internal & external links, general attributes & links metrics and more.

Google Analytics:

From the name you can understand what the task of this tool. It is Google’s tool. So you get the best results of Google from it. For industrial basis user use Google Analytics for different purposes.

Web Rank Toolbar:

Web Rank Toolbar will help you find Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Back Link according to Google, Bing & Alexa. It also show you how many page indexed of the web in Google & Bing. In the social meter section of the tools, you will find how many like and share achieved the web page in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Delicious & StumbleUpon.

Even you are able to see Geo IP location of the web, Web Security and whois Lookup information. This is really best SEO Tools to me as it is free.


While I have some competitive task I firstly use this tool. It is mostly used for finding the organic positions of a site. Interesting thing is that you can analytics those tools where you don’t have access. It’s also used as a keyword researching tool.


Searchmetrics is a SEO tool that is fully packed with amazing and powerful data. By using this tool especially in Enterprise level you can manage, track and measure your whole SEO campaign.

Sprout Social:

It’s mainly use for social media campaign as it named for. For the SMM worker it is a great tool. You can schedule your social media task by adding the social accounts using on your business. You can use this tool for social listening, social shares, followers and so on. You can find the brand mentions and linked in other services. You will be reported about your desired site from this tool. Isn’t it amazing?


Are you really serious about SEO? Do you have Buzzstream? If the answer is no then you are really missing the best tool. Because this is the most useful link prospecting and email outreach. Via Buzzstream you will be affordable to search fresh links, get contact info and can directly send email using a valid email account.


This is a secret weapon of SEO. It’s mainly used as a black-hat-tool.  Scrapebox is used for broken link building, large scale link prospecting, Keyword research and for many other purposes for scraping.

Image Raider:

From Image Raider you can search for your desired image that will be done in advance search engine. It is effective link reclamation technique that can help you to get reclaim attribution links from sites. This is a quick process that will give you a huge number of links.

URL Profiler:

This is a powerful analytical tool that helps you to convert the larger web content in short form. In this data, you have data audits, link analytics and many more option to do.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

Screaming Frog is mainly pc-based site analytical tool. I use this tool for audit and for broken link building tactics.

Keyword Eye:

A blogger, business man or individual users often use this tool as keyword research tool. The beginner can use this tool. Cause it is not only perfect for them, but also low in cost.

Actually best SEO tools are very important in Search engine Optimization work, if you have good tools than the work is very easy to you, if not than the SEO work is really hard to anyone.

Though I use some more SEO tools in my SEO Campaigns, I had not mentioned all of them here. Wish, I will publish another post by mentioning them in my next post.

Now tell me about you. What SEO tools you are using and want to use in your SEO Campaign?