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Freelancing in Bangladesh has created a great opportunity to educated and jobless people to earn money from online by sitting at home.

Bangladesh is a rapidly progressing country of the world. Still now, people of the country face some problems in different subjects. Unemployment problem and the corrupted politics is the major of them.

Because of these problems, our youth suffer most in the first step to lead his/her life. Moreover, our education system is not too much high. Therefore, they are not getting proper knowledge from our education system on information and technology. As a result, they become depressed while not getting a job. However, the youth is not legged behind. They started online earning, as there have vast opportunity of Freelancing in Bangladesh.

They compete with the others around this world to snatch the jobs from them. According to a statistics, there are about 0.7 million Bangladeshi online professionals are doing Outsourcing. It is good matter of concern that, scope of outsourcing in Bangladesh is increasing gradually. It is great news that the profession is earning about 10 million Taka per day across the various virtual job markets.

If you could earn a small percentage of my said amount, like just 1%, 0.50%, or 0.20% then how much money will you put in your pocket? Can you count it?

To count the 1% or less, you have to learn about this, like what is this, how it works etc.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a profession where people sell their service/labor to multiple employers to get highest payment. They are allow doing their tasks in their own way and can work for other employers. They have the freedom and perform like a free agent.

Suppose, you seal your service to any company, organization or anyone, then you will consider as freelancer. A freelancer is self-employed. He/she can work full-time or part-time and not committed to any particular people or organization for long-term. It also called as Independent contractor in online marketplace.

Now this occupation has come more flexibility because of wireless net connection. If you have a computer / laptop with Internet connection, you can do this from anywhere you want.

How Freelancing works?

To starting your virtual career in this profession, you have to apply for job in virtual work place by bidding. Then buyer selects one from the bidders and gives him the chance to do this. After finishing work properly, the bidder submits the report for buyer review. If everything is all right then buyer receives the task and the marketplace authority hand over the payment to the bidder given by the buyer.

What is the marketplace?

You hear about the marketplaces but actually what is it? If you know then well, if not then do not worry.

Is it a market like shopping mall? Yes!

But is totally online based and here you will find nothing without work. You can get the advantage of outsourcing in Bangladesh from there. Some of the most popular names in this field are…





www.peopleperhour.com etc.

To do a job into these sites, first you must have some skills. It is very important because if you have to do a math you have to know the logic, right?

As well as to do any professional works, you must have proper knowledge. By applying those skills, you can complete your tasks.

Freelancing in Bangladesh: What you need to start?

Like other successful online earner, do you also like to join in this community? Are you really interested in this matter and cherishing dream in your heart?


You need a computer, Internet connection and proper skill to start Freelancing.

Personally, I have a small suggestion to you, which is DON’T START this career without necessary knowledge and skill.

What will happen if you start this without things that I said above? It will bear discredit for you and for your country, nothing more. So you must gather some essential knowledge before starting this job.

You can achieve those knowledge related to internet profession by following tutorials by doing Google and YouTube; it may take some more time. On the other hand, if you want to get it early with right way, you can contact with reputed outsourcing learning center. They can show you the right path.

There are many options for you to learning. You can choose anyone from researching, consultancy, SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, WordPress design and development, programming, web design, mobile applications development, data entry, graphic design, logo design, music video production and many more, just pick one that you love to study.

After achieving most needful thing for your future success, start working in this occupation.

make money by freelancing in Bangladesh

What types of Skill do you need?

There are so many skills discussed above. One man can never be perfect at every stage. So in the first stage, you have to choose right subject so that you can go long way through utilizing the advantage of outsourcing. In one time you should study one thing, if you want to do your best.

I am describing some work category below:

Search Engine Optimization:

There has great demand of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in digital job market. Because thousands of new website launch every day and in this competitive world, to run successful online business SEO is must.

Suppose, If you want to get success in your business, what will you do? May be you will do marketing, Right?

Yes! Search engine marketing is the key to success of any online-based business. To get targeted traffic as your customer SEO is mandatory.

So to start career in this field, you have to study very well in this matter.

Social Media Marketing:

In the Internet profession SMM (Social Media Marketing) has great demand, because, it has awesome power to make any Brand more and more popular to millions of people worldwide. It is able to generate thousands of targeted traffic to increase sales and improve any online business.

WordPress Development:

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platform and job items in outsourcing market. Everyday a lot of WordPress Customization and Development related jobs are posting on there.

To become a WordPress Developer and building up your career in this occupation you have to learn about WordPress properly, to utilize the opportunity of outsourcing.

Affiliate Marketing:

It is one of the nice ways to earn a lot of money from online. If you have some experience in this work, then you can easily get better opportunity from your virtual clients. It’s demand and salary is really smart.

On the other hand if you know affiliate marketing well, you will be able to make money from your own home. You just need to know how to do it.

Besides those you can have more options to do outsourcing jobs such as Web development, Web programming, Graphic design, Google Adsense etc. You can earn from online by those works.


Opportunity of Freelancing in Bangladesh is becoming popular day by day. Not only the male person but also the female have great chance in this sector. So you should not remain in the last bench of this class. You should come forward take the advantage.

If you want to start outsourcing then start it from today. Because you are thinking to start from tomorrow but today another one or more has already start this. So first stable your mind and then start to learn in full speed. Cause the world is becoming more and more competitive.

So if you want to become successful freelancer you must have good skills as well as reputation for doing your work properly.

That is it my advice to all beginner freelancers to do their online jobs and make the proper utilization of online earning opportunity in Bangladesh.

What do you think about it? Have any better suggestion in this matter?