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As you are reading this post then you are here for sure to earn money online. Actually, how to make money from oDesk in Bangladesh? Do you have any idea?

If you have then fine, if no then follow this article, I think it would be helpful for you.

The technology has made the world so simple that you can earn money by sitting on your home. If you have a computer, net connection and some talent, you have all the things you need to earn. It is not believable, right? But it’s true.

Freelancing or outsourcing is one of the most popular working system or working process in the world. By this working process peoples able to earn money from home. If you want to know more about freelancing or outsourcing, check out my previous post about the topic here.

Search engine optimization, Article/content writing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Web Design, blogging, affiliates marketing, forex trade, software development and many more can be your profession in this working system.

Do you have any skills from above topics? If Yes, then what are you waiting for? Just visits on online market places and grab your work from the marketers. If no, then please achieve some skill by learning.

Oh, do you know about online market places? Yes there are so many online market places in online. The Best online market places are:

  • Odesk.com
  • Elance.com
  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiberr.com

From above those oDesk is the best for Bangladesh, because it has great payment system for Bangladeshi people. It also widely used and most efficient place for the freelancer as well as for the marketer from all around the world. Yes, all around the world people work here as it is most reliable place.

We are talking about how to make money from oDesk, right? Ok, let’s follow some process to make money from this online marketplace.

Actually how to make money from oDesk?

To be successful in any profession, everyone should be strategic and make own strategy. I have of my own. I think you can get help to have your own strategy. You should follow some processes to be established there.

  • Open an account
  • Decorate your profile
  • Find suitable jobs for you and
  • Apply for the jobs
  • Complete the task properly & submit report
  • Get payment

Opening an account on oDesk:

First you have to go to www.odesk.com. Find the sign up option and click on

 oDesk sign up image

Now click on “I need a Job” option to proceed

how to make money from oDesk image 2

You will get a form. You have to fill it. With captcha you have to press on the Get started button.

Account creation as freelancer in oDesk

Thus you can create your account. Now you will get an email from oDesk and your work is done.

Do you think you are ready to start work now? No, because you have to set your profile.

Decorating your oDesk profile:

Once all your work is done and you have completely set up your profile, you should try to decorate your profile. You should make it better than a newbie. Make your description quite specified, informative and impressive.

First you have to make a title for you. Give some tags of your skills, and write a clear description about yourself that can impress a marketer to offer you a job. You have to give some relevant test of your tagged skills that will define your knowledge about the subject. As like the image below:

how to make money from odesk - oDesk profile setup

It will be impressive for you that you can set your rate. As a newbie you should not give so much high rate. Cause the buyer will give the work that is perfect and low in cost. In hourly job marketer will give you money as per your rate. Isn’t it nice?

Add a portfolio of your own work or clients work that you do recently. Cause portfolio also shows your ability of work.

You can simplify your skills and niche it with the best skills you have. Try to tag yourself in those topics which you are mostly interested and have demand on marketplace. Cause it will much easy to do for you and profitable.

Once you have done some job in oDesk, you can reset your rate. You can raise your rate. Because you have done some quality work. Then people will understand that you really can do work. If you think that after raising your rate you will get less work. It’s wrong. Cause Better clients search those who are good. High price with good feedback show your status on marketplace.

Find suitable jobs for you:

Once you set up your profile, are you ready to start? Yes, you are ready. You have 20 job quotas after the completion of profile. The job quota is the amount of work you can apply in one week.

Job will not come to you; you have to go for it first time. So go to the search box and find the jobs that you can do better. At search time you can see some feature option of oDesk search engine where you can specify for your desired interest.

oDesk jobs search

As early said you have 20 job quotas for one week. But what will happen if you finish all 20 quotas? Isn’t it a matter of concern?

Don’t worry; you will get 20quotas on every week. Just continue to apply. Until you get them.

One more thing with hourly job you can do fixed price. The buyer will fix the budget of the project. You just have to offer payment for this. So basically it’s a fixed rated project.

Applying for the jobs:

While applying a post, you should go through the whole job description. Because without knowing about the project for what you are applying for? There have no chance to get it. You have to see if the needed skills match with your skills.

Applying in job is the toughest part of online occupation. Because people around the world search for works in oDesk. So as a newbie you have to compete with world to snatch a work. Do you have confidence over yourself?

oDesk Jobs apply as freelancer

If you have than apply for any job that match with your skills. Try to impress the buyer via your attractive cover letter. In manual job option we have to give our CV, thus in oDesk we need to give the cover letter which represent yourself.

oDesk application image

Try to be specific and informative so good impression build upon buyers mind about yourself. Don’t beg for jobs, it’s really wired. Try as well as you can for your first job.

After sending several applications, some of the clients may response to you. You should communicate with them in a better way. Try to response on their emails as quickly as you can. Try to answer their question in detail if you can.

When you get email, you would better ask them question or want to know about the next steps of the project. It will help you to get the job as they found you too much intensive for the work. Cause mails are not the confirmation of getting jobs.

Complete the task properly & submit report:

After getting hired by the client, you have to complete the task properly. You must have some creativity. Try to do something best then the client expecting. You should keep in mind that you have to love your work like your new born baby. Have to care it to be success in your profession. After fulfill client requirements you have to make report, which is organized with all of work status on your project and submit it to the client. Send your report to the client by attaching with your message.

oDesk attachment image

Get payment from oDesk:

Once your work report reviewed by the client and if satisfied to your duty then he/she will pay you vai oDesk as they contact with you. Though there is difference between hourly and fixed prize project. That’s mean; you will get payment after completion full project in fixed prized project. Moreover, the payment will come to your account after every 10 minutes in hourly rated project.

make money from oDesk image

Now, you can withdraw money by local Bank account, Payoneer master card or vai other payment option from oDesk whenever you want.


If you are really good and planned to be self dependent then online work is perfect for you. It can be your continual source of earn money. Here you have much independence to work when and where you want.

This article can be helpful to you if you are looking for the answer of your question how to make money from oDesk in Bangladesh?

I share something here in the post, which can give you some guideline in this matter.

Now how you proceed to your earning mission on oDesk? I am interested to hear from you, Can you share by leaving comment?