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In SEO, Link is the path or street to go to desired articles on which subject reader want to go. To get more and more traffic engagement and higher Search Engine Rank, you need to do proper and quality link building for your site.

From my own thought, I want to share some words about link building which is the key of optimizing and spreading your website to all in better ways. Do you have any idea of quality link building? If the answer is no then do not worry friend. Cause, I am right here for helping you.

First learn the basic idea about “What is Link Building?”

There has a huge importance of Link Building in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The basic idea of link building is to spread your site, blog through other websites. You can simply say that link building is the collection of vote from other site and it is one kind of advertisement of your own site.

You can do quality link building in many ways like, Directory submission, Blog comment, Forum posting and Social bookmarking etc. These are the basic things by which you can do link building. Besides those, you can spread your site links through guest blogging, content marketing etc.

Now come to the point that “Which link building tactics will be much effective to get traffic engagement and raise your Search Engine rank?”

quality link building tactics

Cause, all the tricks may not be helpful. There is an English proverb that “All that glitters are not gold.” But, which glitters will be shiny as well as real gold for you to optimize your site?

Personally, I suggest following link building tactics for your SEO campaign. I think my ideas are much effective and will helpful for you. Let’s talk about it. You can learn more about this from Here provided by Moz

What should you follow for Quality Link Building?

As I told that link building is spreading your site link through other websites. So you have to concern about the site where to put your link. You should consider about the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Google page index to put website link.

  • DA is the short form of Domain Authority. Maintaining DA, will help you to have some idea about the Domain popularity. It will show about how strong the website is to put your link. If the Domain Authority is strong enough and you have a link in that site, Google will honor your site too.


  • PA is the short form of Page Authority. Checking the PA, will help you to have some idea about a page optimized percentages. It will show about how strong the specific page where to put your link. If you have links having high PA page, your page rank will be high gradually.


  • TF is the short form of Trust Flow. TF will help you to have some idea about how much trusted site it is to its visitor and users. Earning links from a trusted site will be more powerful to increase SERP rank and get more organic visitor.


  • Page Index is another important issue to quality building complains. Before placing your sites link, you have to ensure about Google index of the site where you want to put your link. Link from those sites removed from Google Index, is harmful for your well-ranked site. It can be cause of penalty from Google of your site.

To find those quality I mentioned above, you should use some effective SEO tools which will help you to create quality and powerful backlinks for your site.


Relevancy is more powerful weapon to get higher rank:

Relevancy is must at the time of link building. You can put link in any website wherever you want. But you won’t get any benefit until the inputted site is related to your site link.

Irrelevant link building is like “trying to empty a sea by a bucket”. The whole night you work hard to move away the seawater but in morning, you see that the water level is same as the day before. Ultimately, the result of your hard work is nothing but a big zero.

Like this, the outcome of irrelevant link building will be nothing without wasting your time and labor. So try to put link in those sites related to your link contents. This is 100 times better than doing irrelevant link building.

After reading this do you put your link wherever you want? If the answer is yes, I will not stop you. Cause, you are working for ghost. How could I stop you, boss?

Should not choose any Google affected site to Link Building:

You should check details of the website where to put your link. If the site is affected by Google Panda or Penguin, then turn around and through the idea of link building in that site. Just simply think that how you will be helpful through an affected site. Isn’t it a rubbish idea to link building knowing the bad effect of it!

Google Panda is a new edition in search result algorithm to have a better result for the users. It was brought for ranking the high quality sites in the top results. Google Panda drops site ranks that have copyright contents wrong On-Page optimization. Because of Panda, the original contents get higher rankings. Panda can provide you higher rank if you do your On-Page optimization properly.

Google penguin added to the search result algorithm with a view to rank the proper back-link and Anchor text optimized sites in the top position. Many SEO worker do “Black Hat SEO” to rank their site, create thousands of spammy back links to get higher rank. I am not understand, why they do it instated of creating one quality link. If you create many spammy and irrelevant link for your site, you will noticed your SERP rank for penguin shortly.

So you should avoid getting link from Google affected sites. Cause, the affect of that site may affect your link site too.

Balance your Anchor Text in proper technique:

You should maintain the “Anchor text balance” for link building. Google, now strictly follow some instruction and to get proper benefits from your links you should also follow them. Anchor text balance is one of them.

You may see “Click here”, “Read this”, “See more” in many website. Clicking in these words you may pull to another page. Cause, the words have an external link to other page. That’s why they remain in extra color or bold form. Those words having links with clickable text are called Anchor text.

You may think it’s a good idea to have a link for your site. Yes, it is but in one condition. The condition is you can’t use the main keyword of your content as Anchor text more than 2% at the time of link building. You can use the Brand Name like; Web Metrics IT, or LSI and other words as Anchor text instead of your main keyword, which you want to rank. I have follow the tactics to create back-link for my Advance IT BD.

natural link building guide by matt cutts

You can learn more about quality link building guideline to make your link natural provided by Google Web Master. It will help you to understand link scheme.

Say Goodbye to Spammy Link and Content:

Do you have any idea of “link building in Spamming site”? The answer may be yes either no. There are millions of websites contain spam contents and activities. So spamming is an unethical task.

For SEO, spamming is unethical tactics to rank your site or page. Are you thinking for link building in spamming sites to rank your site fast? Wait a minute friend, listen my full word.

Google has strictly said to avoid this technique. Because it is a “Black Hat SEO” and you will be affected by Google Penguin as we discussed before.

Google spider doesn’t have knowledge of any contents. It just read the contents; find the links and enlist the details. After having all the details it calculates all the data and enlist the result of the site in the relevant category.

Now if it found your site link with a spam site, it will list your site as a spam site. If you want to relate your site with a spam site and think you done well. Then you are in foolish paradise.

To get better and higher SERP rank, you must avoid Spammy Link and Content. Just move with fresh content and quality Back-link.

Tasks at the time of Link Building:

I mentioned some task below, should be done at the time of link building. It will help you to have better result to rank your page and site.

  • Check the DA, PA, TF of the domain and specific page to input link,
  • Check the Google index to have knowledge whether the site is removed from Google or not,
  • Input the link to a site related to link contains,
  • Before commenting in any Blog site, first read the post then input link by commenting there. In this regard, you should maintain the relevancy.
  • Maintain Anchor text balance,
  • Avoid spamming sites to input links,
  • If needed, use fresh content to provide some details about your link.

If you are unable to follow that link building tactics but want to get more powerful back-link for your site, find effective link-building service provider and contact with them.


I try my best to help for doing Quality Link building. Quality links will make your site high. Do not try to do Black hat trick to rank fast. Take time and make proper optimization of your site. There is an English proverb that “As you sow, so you reap”. Try to keep these words in mind.

If you have any query then asks me freely. I am here to help you. Even, I am wrong in any points. Helping others is like helping yourself.

Now waiting to hear from you, how you will run your link building campaign to get more powerful link and search traffic?